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The LGBTQIA Humans of Kansas City: Zachary Mallory

The LGBTQIA Humans of Kansas City: Zachary Mallory

Zachary Mallory

“Being in the LGBTQIA community of Kansas City has shaped me into the person I am today. This community has empowered me and inspired me to my full potential. Being in this community has risen me from being the victim to becoming a national advocate.”

LGBTQIA Humans of Kansas CityNot everyone can say that they live in such an amazing city as Kansas City. Diversity is Kansas City’s specialty. Kansas City has been nothing but the best for me. The community is what keeps me going and inspiring others to share their stories. Being born and raised in a community that not only accepts you, but embraces you to see your full potential is what everyone dreams of. Because of this community, it has made me live my life the way that I want to.

Thanks to the community of Kansas City I have spoken at numerous events throughout the Kansas City Metro, and that has advanced my advocacy to the National level. It’s all because of this community that I am proud to call home. I can speak at events and not have to worry about backlash of those who are not supportive of me. I can be on the news and see both negative and positive comments, with the positivity over running the negative.

Check out this video of Zach sharing his personal story: LGBTQ Activist Zach Mallory