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The LGBTQIA Humans of Kansas City: Akeah Frazier

The LGBTQIA Humans of Kansas City: Akeah Frazier

Akeah Frazier

I just want to give all of my friends who have been there for me since coming out a shout out. Without them, loving & supporting me I probably wouldn’t be out or open about my sexuality.

LGBTQIA Humans of Kansas CityI’ve had some family support but I’ve have had a lot more support from friends. It was about year ago after being bullied at school, where I stopped caring what others thought of me. Yes, there has been some rough patches but I’ve closed that chapter and learned to forgive anyone who has ever brought me down. I’ve learned holding grudges really get you no where.

I’ve come to conclusion that I’m gonna be myself & live life to the fullest. I will date who I like, love who I love & marry who I want to marry. It may not be what most people like, but eventually they’ll learn to deal with it. Love knows no gender and I’m proud to be who I am!